Her Heart’s Protector by: Caitlyn O’Leary

Her Heart’s Protector


It’s the worst case scenario for David Sloane as a Military Policeman. An earthquake has rocked Las Flores, leaving devastation in its wake. The local government leans heavily on David to lead the manhunt to recapture the escaped convicts.

In the midst of the chaos, former army nurse Sarah Kyle arrives with the International Aid Workers. As David comes face to face with the woman he’s never forgotten, danger continues to escalate as the desperate prisoners do anything they can leave the island.

When conditions deteriorate will these former lovers survive, let alone have the happily ever after they deserve?

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“You mean to tell me everybody in the bar stood by while two foreigners decided to beat a cop with no provocation? Then there is the part where Harrison picked up the pool cue. I’m sorry, but I’ve seen the military files of both men. Harrison is bigger than I am, he doesn’t need a weapon to break anyone’s jaw.”

“The doctors say that the injury was done by a fist. They are quite adamant in their assessment. So I know that my officer is lying.”

“And you’re thinking-”


A jerky tremor knocked David off of his chair. Was it a bomb?

The floor shoved him up and vibrated underneath him, shaking him.


The chair. Pulling the tipped over leather chair on top of him, he barely survived the crashing ceiling toppling onto his head. Fuck!

Ow! Goddamit that hurt.

Plaster and swirled around in the dim light. When would the Earth stop heaving? He heard the annoying sound of many faint car alarms ringing.

Who was shrieking? That wasn’t him groaning was it?

“Carmen!” Ortiz was hoarsely shouting to the screaming secretary.

The Earth didn’t stop heaving, until finally it abruptly stopped.

Pieces of ceiling continue to thud around him.

He tried to move the chair, but it was stuck.


Moving his leg was a bad idea, it hurt like a son of a bitch.


“Ortiz? Are you okay?”

“No.” Pushing with his shoulder the chair moved a little bit. He heard Ortiz continue. “I’m bleeding. The window,” the man gasped.

The woman’s shrieks had gotten softer. David needed to concentrate on Ortiz first. He tried moving his leg again. It hurt, but it wasn’t broken. He pushed harder, and the chair finally moved. Sitting up in the darkness, David felt around and realized that some kind of wooden beam from the ceiling must have fallen on his leg. He could move his foot. It hadn’t hit his knee, just the upper thigh. Okay, you can probably walk, so suck it up. Taking a deep breath, he hefted the beam and pulled his leg out from underneath it.

“Damn,” he sighed in relief. The leg still hurt, but God, not nearly like it had. David felt around in the dark, and realized that there was some portions that were fairly stable to stand on. He pushed himself up. Pain zinged, and held him in its grips for long moments. Breathe. One. Two. Three. One foot in front of the other.

“Ortiz, I’m coming for you.”

Damn, a flashlight would be welcome. It had been cloudy outside, so only weak light was shining into the room through the broken windows. He stepped carefully around the desk.

“Ortiz?” Please let the man be okay.

He wasn’t. He was dead. A large shard of glass had pierced his chest.

Be well. You were a good man.

David walked to the window and looked out into the main street.

Jesus. At least half of the buildings were caved in. He thought about the rural areas he had seen when the plane had flown him over from Panama. What kind of devastation would they have been through?

He turned from the window toward Carmen’s cries.

Ortiz had been right, this was a clusterfuck.


About the Author


Caitlyn pic3 resized and croppedCaitlyn O’Leary is an avid reader, and considers herself a fan first and an author second. She reads a wide variety of genres, but finds herself going back to happily-ever-afters. Getting a chance to write, after years in corporate America is a dream come true. She hopes that her stories provide the kind of entertainment and escape that she has found from some of her favorite authors.

Her Series Include:

THE FOUND: It’s a bit Paranormal, a bit Sci-Fi and 100% Action/Adventure. The characters have special abilities, that make them targets.

MIDNIGHT DELTA This is focused on a group of Navy Seals. What makes them special is their bond to one another, and the women they come to love.

FATE HARBOR This is the series that started her career, it is a Menage Series that takes place in Fate Harbor Washington. It focuses on a tight knit community who live and love and care for one another.

She loves to hear from her readers. caitlyn@caitlynoleary.com


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