Arresting Submission by: Daisy Philips

Arresting SubmissionDaisy

Cat Conroy had fallen for a bad boy before and it hadn’t ended well. Scott Weston was trouble with a capital T. He claimed to be a CPA but in Cat’s experience, accountants rarely carried guns to work. 

Undercover FBI agent Scott loved Cat from the moment he met her. Unfortunately, the lies he had to tell were driving them apart. Would she be able to forgive him when the truth finally came out?





They were third in line for a cab when she turned to him. “I’m dying of thirst. Do you supposed one of those carts has some water?”

He looked around. There were several carts selling snacks. Two had water.

“Would you like me to get you a bottle?”

“If you don’t mind… but, no, don’t worry about it. We’ll… I mean I’ll be home soon. I can hydrate then.” Then she smiled. He found himself smiling back. Was she flirting with him again? Was there an unspoken offer in her words? We’ll be home soon? She’d corrected herself, but her expression was teasing. If she needed water, he’d get her water. When they got back to her place, he didn’t plan on wasting anytime getting her naked and under him in bed. Maybe it would be a good idea for them both to be well hydrated.

“Not a problem. In fact, now that you mention it, I’m thirsty too. You save our place in line and I’ll grab some water.” He dropped a hard kiss on her lips, one that he hoped she’d take as a promise, then released her hand and strode quickly and confidently over to the nearest cart.

There were three people in front of him in line. He checked the other two carts. They were busier. He tapped his foot with impatience and checked his watch. It was only a couple of minutes, but it seemed to take forever. On the plus side, Cat was sure to be at the front of the cab line when he returned. He got the impression she didn’t live far from the restaurant. With any luck, they’d be at her place and naked in less than half an hour.

* * * *

Catherine settled into the backseat of the cab as the driver pulled into traffic, headed towards the address she’d given him. She glanced backwards. Scott was still in line. She sagged back in her seat as she felt a stab of disappointment. She felt a sexual attraction to him that hadn’t changed in the four years they had been apart.

She tried to tell herself she was doing the right thing. Scott claimed he’d changed, gotten is life back on track. If that was true then why was he carrying a gun?


About the Author

Daisy Philips has always loved to read and four years ago took the plunge and wrote her first book, “No Place Like Home” (as Diane Leyne) and she hasn’t stopped since.  In addition to reading all genres of books (especially John Sandford, Linda Howard and Lexi Blake), she loves travel and photography.  She also loves hearing from her fans.

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