Dirty Liars by: Sydney Lea

Dirty LiarsDirty Liars

Undercover FBI agent Nikolai has been treading a fine line between right and wrong for the last few years and everything he has worked for is thrown into utter chaos the moment he risks it all to save Harper. Harper’s life has just been turned upside down, and now she must rely on the one man who has been lying to her from the moment they met.

Can they overcome all the dirty lies told between them?

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Nikolai stood at the bar of the night club with a drink in hand, the cool liquid soothing its way down his throat as the lights pulsed and the music blared. Beside him his partner Travis chatted with some brunette whose titts seemed bigger than her brain by the way their conversation had deteriorated. Nikolai gave them five more minutes before the chick dragged Travis off to the bathroom to finish things off.

“Jesus christ man, just do her already, would you? We’ve got work to do,” he muttered and finished off the last of his drink.

The woman threw a withering glare at him, attempted to be affronted by his comment as though that hadn’t been her end game to begin with.

“Ignore him, sweetheart. Man’s just on edge because he hasn’t had the pleasure of a Tesoro like yourself in a while,” Travis chuckled, nuzzling into the woman’s neck and whispering something Nikolai couldn’t hear. Given the intense reaction from her, he was kind of glad for that.

“Travis,” he warned.

The other man sighed. “Why don’t we finish this…elsewhere, Tracey?”

“It’s Stacey,” she said with a frown, her brows smoothing out almost instantly as she shrugged. “And will he be joining us?”

Nikolai nearly choked. “Ah, he will be just fine thanks.”

Giving him what he supposed was an extremely intoxicated come-hither look, she reached out, stroking her hand down his arm. “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.” He glowered at Travis. “Just hurry the fuck up.”

Travis winked with a grin. “Now come on man. We both know my prowess is better than that.”

Before Nikolai could snap back with some scathing retort, Travis grabbed Stacey and all but dragged her away.

Testa di cazzo.”

Christ, he hated having to be the serious one. Here they were with a job to do and Travis was once again off fucking some chick in a dirty bathroom while he kept watch and waited. It surprised him that Travis’ cock hadn’t fallen off with all the action it got. Hell, the family would likely remove it themselves if they screwed this up. Working for the Martinelli had its perks but it also had its consequences if you fucked up bad enough. The Italian mob were not the kind of people you wanted to piss off.

And Nikolai, well, he was pulling double duty for them and the FBI and if the family found out who he really was then he’d be dead within seconds.

Ah, undercover work. Why the hell had he volunteered for this again?


About the Author

SL_logoSydney Lea is a married mother of two and an avid reader who enjoys falling in love with one book boyfriend after another. After years of dreaming up Mr Perfect, she has finally put pen to paper and created him herself. Whether your ideal man is a shifter, vampire, cowboy or alien, she has something for everyone.